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Introducing the Shuka Palm Leaf Baskets

The tradition of weaving baskets in the eastern region of Kenya started in early 1929. Baskets were woven as part of the culture and hobbies like knitting and crocheting popular now. The main purpose of weaving was for daily errands like carrying food produce from the farm, shopping, markets, tidying up the home, storing different kinds of spices, gifts for traditional and church weddings, and gifts to loved ones.

The technique used to weave these baskets and the size depended on the main purpose for use.
The patterns also differed depending on the different tribe or group of women that weaved the baskets as each region had their unique style for easy identification and quality check Today there a vast amount of materials used for weaving like recycled plastic but the main materials traditionally sourced and used are sisal fiber, palm leaves, baobab back, banana leaves bamboo and the list goes on.

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