About Us

A Little Story About Us

Nkatas produces high-quality handmade consumer goods made out of the natural material mostly Sisal fiber. Ethical and Fairtrade, all our bags are also known as Kiondo, are woven in East Africa – Kenya by a community of women who uses their talent and skills handed down from generations of grandparents to create a project that helps to build a sustainable lifestyle.

We love our environment hence why we make eco-friendly sustainable handbags, planters and market baskets from Sisal fibre. All materials are sourced locally and are Eco-friendly. 

Most of our products have an Afrocentric feel and attention to detail and we involve the local weavers and farmers in the process of sourcing and they are paid fairly throughout the process. 

Here at Nkatas, we love our heritage and present high-quality ethically made Afrocentric products. Our mission is to bring back the love for African-made products and accessories and empower our communities. 

We sell unique consumer products that will make you stand out from the crowd. From home décor to handmade jewellery and clothing.

We love hearing the creative ideas our customers have. These ideas are what drives us to create our unique collections. 

Why buy our Handmade Products?

Sustainable and Eco-friendly.

We care about the planet and environment

We have a Reputation.

We do not compromise on quality

Fresh & Pesticide Free.

Sisal is biodegradable.

100% Guarantee

We keep to our promises

Our Bags are stylish

Every bags is unique and has it's own design because they are all handmade.


Can be used for any occasion or activity.

Giving Back - Fare Trade

The artisans behind this great beautifully woven handbags are a community of women who has a long tradition, passion, and skills to bring out the best out of each bag. Sisal fiber basket weaving has helped to bring income to these communities of women who for generations have woven baskets and used the income to cater for their families.

Our Story

My name is Obia Winnie O, a mum of two lovely kids based here in London. I am the founder of Nkatas, an Eco- friendly handmade brand. 

Growing up as the youngest girl in my family, I was a very quiet child, and that made me independent at a very young age. 

We spent a lot of time with grandma and that meant a lot of lessons and errands. Most of which was spent watching her sew new dresses, weaving baskets, and picking vegetables, beans, pruning coffee, and picking some potatoes harvested by the workers. 

Grandma always used her Sisal handbag called Kiondo to run all these errands and the handbag was stronger at each use.  

When we grew up, grandma started gifting us with those sisal bags but smaller versions. When Grandma passed away, my mum continued with the legacy until this day. We very much looked forward to when they arrived. 

It’s almost 20 years now and I have all my sisal bags which I still carry and use to this day, this motivated me to start my handmade brand; Nkatas was born.

One of my passions is empowering women, seeing the joy within the community. Supporting this great community of women weavers gives me great joy and fulfilment because of the financial support network and the smile on the faces of these women says it all. 

Here at Nkatas we love working with people and have seen the impact on the lives of the families within this community.

Personally, working with women in the community project from my aunties to chair leaders of each women’s group of over 300 women, gives me a lot of fulfilment. As I see the changes this makes in the community and watch their kids go back to school and the women cater for their family needs through the making of our baskets and these skills are passed on through the generations.

You help us empower women in these communities in Kenya by supporting us and these have helped them to have a sustainable living by using their skills and talent and at the same time produce high-quality Eco-friendly products that not only last a lifetime but are also versatile. 

The unique styles of our products and bags help complement the beauty and elegance of the wearer. Each product has an Afrocentric feel and theme that ultimately would enhance the lifestyle of our clientele from home living to corporate use.

Finally, we are proud members of the British association of the Fairtrade – BAFTS. This wouldn’t have been possible without all who support us by buying our products.

Thanks You,