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Nkatas London, a handmade brand that focuses on high-quality handmade products. Ethical and fairtrade.

All of our products have an Afrocentric theme and touch that makes them stand out when used.

We love the environment and present products that are biodegradable and Eco-friendly. All of our products are handmade with Love and attention to detail.

Women Sisal Handbags

From £59.99

Wall Decor

From £65

Flowers In Your Planter

Perfect Spring Gift

From £24.99

New Eco-friendly Handbags

Handmade with Love

Love handmade – Browse our range of indoor Planters, Shopping bags, Storage baskets, Wall Decor, Wooden Bowls and Organizers

handmade with Love

Olive Wooden Bowls 

Africa Olive Wooden Bowls 

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